New Buys GMXR, VXX

New strategy developing due to coming energy crisis. I’m developing a portfolio overweighted volatility, oil, and energy in many forms.

Gas prices around the world are going to trend upwards. Global Peak Oil is here.  (And a few other peaks aren’t far behind)  The peak oil crisis has started and the USA is about to go through a profound and wrenching change.  As is the rest of the world.  We face an energy crisis never before confronted in human history.  Energy for transportation, manufacturing and everyday living will have to come from other sources than the one we use now, Oil. These new energy sources may not be a efficient as the black gold.  Gas prices will just be a small part of global peak oil.  That beautiful black liquid with the fantastic Power/Mass ratio that was the base building block of our civilization is going to hit its mid-point, global peak oil, and then slide into permanent decline and we will be forced to make major changes in our way of living.   Population will keep going up, the oil supply will keep going down.  Gas prices will skyrocket!!   Year after year, decade after decade, as demand and population increase, the supply of oil will continue to dwindle.  Until all the oil is gone.  It’s time to start thinking about it.  Now!!!

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